The glory of the manger is due in part to its messiness.
Mary knew not to throw away the shepherd’s gift because of the quality of the wrapping. Don’t miss the gift because of the its packaging.

Messy Manger:Mary

December 15, 2019
Mary response to the incarnation is a model of what responsive Christian faith look like: 1. “How can this be?” 2. “I am the LORD’S servant.” 3. She visits Elizabeth…
The source of the world’s evil is every human heart; we’ve all got little Herod hearts. Christmas is about giving up our throne and bowing at His.
The world is a dark place, and we will never find our way or see reality unless Jesus is our light. Christ didn’t come to make us cozy; he came…
Most people’s biggest problem with prayer is God. God wants your company and prayer reminds you of God’s presence.
Distractions disrupts prayer. Pausing restores order. Application: Relax, Breathe, Speak, Repeat.
God will do what it takes to show He’s all that you need. It’s not Jesus plus, it’s Jesus period.
The smallest detail reveals the grandest design. People aren’t problems to be solved, but wonders to be savored.
A finely tuned universe demands a fine tuner. God is so big that he tunes the universe, he is so intimate that he tunes you. What is he tuning within…